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I’m following a tree for Loose and Leafy @LucyCorrander #treefollowing Part 9

There’s not a great deal that has happened to my apple sapling since Part 8, mainly due to the rather unusual weather we have had during October. With n’er a sign of frost on the grass or that beautiful dusting … Continue reading

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A rainy day; but it’s not the rain that bother me, it’s the wet drip…

It’s not the rain I dislike as it pitter-patters down Spraying the windows in its peppering sound; Dispersing its droplets one after the other, Dispersing the people now running for cover. And for every one drop there’s a million more … Continue reading

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Rain drops keep falling on my head…after another soggy day in May I’m beginning to wonder if the rain will ever stop.

It’s not so much the weeping leaf Or branches lowered in summer grief. It’s not the puddles filling up Making streams and drains erupt. It’s not the tear stained window pane Or soggy lawn and bogged terrain. It’s not the … Continue reading

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Pot holes…a poem dedicated to the victims of the punctured tyre

I wonder if I’ll even get there The rain is beating down filling the pot holes That my already injured tyres drop into. Actually, not so much drop as clunk, thrunk, scrape, thud, bodoom. I grimace and prepare for the … Continue reading

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West Bay Storm – a poem

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The might of a hundred invisible hands pushing you, Their invisibility making them all the more threatening and dangerous; Not knowing quite which way they will push or pull, So best not stand too close to the edge Lest a … Continue reading

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To see the Olympic Torch is a “once in a lifetime experience”…… you’re not kidding

There’s no doubting the whole Olympic thing has been beefed up by the officials and given the close ties with McDonald’s, that is hardly surprising. But for me, standing in the torrential rain and howling wind in the eager anticipation … Continue reading

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