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I’m following a tree for Loose and Leafy @LucyCorrander #treefollowing Part 8

We’re two thirds of our way through Lucy’s #treefollowing blog year which means my tree has reached a horticultural milestone. Why? You may well ask; and I will tell you. After a somewhat, for royalty (it’s a Royal Gala), ignominious start in … Continue reading

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Rain drops keep falling on my head…after another soggy day in May I’m beginning to wonder if the rain will ever stop.

It’s not so much the weeping leaf Or branches lowered in summer grief. It’s not the puddles filling up Making streams and drains erupt. It’s not the tear stained window pane Or soggy lawn and bogged terrain. It’s not the … Continue reading

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Pick Your Own strawberries aka gather ye rosebuds while ye may

The epitome of an English summer: the sound of  leather on willow at Lords or perhaps the sproing of ball against racket at Wimbledon? There are many traditional and valued customs of our most talked about season, probably symbolising our determination to hold … Continue reading

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