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Pick your own…well if you insist but it seems a little impolite. A poem

‘Pick Your Own’…I’ve often wondered about that line When I see the announcement on a roadside sign. It seems somehow rude, like ‘shut-up’ or ‘bum’ But then my sons often say “you’re too sensitive mum”. But it does seem quite … Continue reading

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Pick Your Own strawberries aka gather ye rosebuds while ye may

The epitome of an English summer: the sound of  leather on willow at Lords or perhaps the sproing of ball against racket at Wimbledon? There are many traditional and valued customs of our most talked about season, probably symbolising our determination to hold … Continue reading

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The Ancient Whisperings of Dorset’s Lewesdon Hill. Shhh….it’s a secret.

The ancients were a wily lot who knew a thing or two about the safest place to inhabit although I cannot help but think they were also better equipped to deal with the high winds that seem to be a permanent feature … Continue reading

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Is it just strawberry picking or is there something more going on?

It’s June, its’ Wimbledon, it’s the strawberry season! What is it about a trip to the PYO farm that fills you with an innocent excitement of your childhood? The anticipation of being the first one to find the fattest juiciest … Continue reading

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