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St Michael the Archangel is looking down onto Lyme Regis

I am very easily side-tracked, it’s a personal failing I suspect rather than one that is peculiar to my industry! Having exhausted Google, I decided there was nothing better than some face-to-face or should that be face-to-museum-exhibit, to get the … Continue reading

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Monmouth Beach – the siege is over…for now

The siege over, people start to venture from their homes, Still a little nervous and some battle weary But all pleased to be out, away from the closed confines of¬†sealed doors and sandbags. We had heard news of a new … Continue reading

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The Royalists numbered in their hundreds but they were no match for the determined Lyme folk: the Siege of Lyme Regis 1644

When you close your eyes in Lyme Regis, the sound you will hear above all others is the screech of seagulls as they fly overhead scanning the area for tasty morsels. But cast yourself back 367 years and it won’t … Continue reading

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Lyme Regis Celebrates deliverance from the Royalist Siege

The Pearl of Dorset with its stunning scenery and views; part of the World Heritage Jurassic Coastline; a famous seaside resort with the highly acclaimed Cobb and exciting fossil forays.¬† Such are the enticements of this wonderful part of the … Continue reading

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