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I’m following a tree for Loose and Leafy @LucyCorrander #treefollowing Part 12

Time flies doesn’t it? It is all the more tangible when you realise you have reached a milestone in the life of a blog…well actually it’s a bit more of a milestone, it’s more a case of the end of … Continue reading

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When dogs become men …..or fetch the stick boy!

I don’t think there’s a law preventing you from having your canine friend on your lap in the front seat of a car…..there is? Oh well, times change. Anyway, in the days when dogs on laps were allowed and pet … Continue reading

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Do the Geocache Walk; the cache & other treasures await.

Geocaching, “the free outdoor ‘real world’ treasure hunt” and once the domain of the privileged few who were experienced in the use of GPS systems (from their backpacking or boating expeditions), but since the rapid evolution of technology, is now enjoyed by people in their hundreds – … Continue reading

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‘First one in last one out’ or is it ‘last one in first one out’? Does the brain decide what has priority?

Can you remember your first words, thoughts, likes, dislikes? Of course you can’t because the chances are you were less then three years old and for most adults, childhood memories start from when you are around 7 years old. So … Continue reading

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Cycle Trail Challenge……proves more than a little challenging

The sun looked like the Earth’s prized Christmas tree bauble taking pride of place in its solitary but very pronounced position hanging half way up in the early morning sky; a sun that colour (burnished copper gold) and that bright just had to mean … Continue reading

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