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Happiness sometimes ups and leaves without warning. I wonder where it goes? A poem.

Happiness; do you ever find that sometimes, for no obvious reason, your happiness just disappears. I wonder do we understand this any better as an adult compared with our childhood? I’ve gone to find my happy place, I had it … Continue reading

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To mark World Poetry Day & as it’s sunny, a poem in praise of the sun, that may not always shine but is definitely always there.

I do not come and go by choice, my destiny lies elsewhere I rise and set as Nature chose, with diligence and care. Some days my golden glow is dulled by cloudy skies but yet I always rise in the east … Continue reading

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Emotion is an abyss of fathomless sensations that sometime get the better of us. Perhaps we are better without this particular human trait.

When a relative stranger contacted me with a possible lead on some copywriting work, I was not only flattered by the effort she had made to send me the email, but that she actually remembered me several weeks after our … Continue reading

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