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Pick your own…well if you insist but it seems a little impolite. A poem

‘Pick Your Own’…I’ve often wondered about that line When I see the announcement on a roadside sign. It seems somehow rude, like ‘shut-up’ or ‘bum’ But then my sons often say “you’re too sensitive mum”. But it does seem quite … Continue reading

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The NHS and my experience of the Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester

My experience of the NHS has been, shall I say sporadic with sudden major one off events happening at irregular intervals and on the whole I would say it has been a positive experience. But today I am happy to say … Continue reading

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Beer…not the brew best served cold but the quiet cove on the Jurassic Coast

Beer. Not the brown liquid libation but the picturesque coastal village that nestles comfortably in the 95 mile stretch of the amazing Jurassic Coast. As with all the beaches along this prehistoric sweep of English coastline, it has so much … Continue reading

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St Michael the Archangel is looking down onto Lyme Regis

I am very easily side-tracked, it’s a personal failing I suspect rather than one that is peculiar to my industry! Having exhausted Google, I decided there was nothing better than some face-to-face or should that be face-to-museum-exhibit, to get the … Continue reading

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Monmouth Beach – the siege is over…for now

The siege over, people start to venture from their homes, Still a little nervous and some battle weary But all pleased to be out, away from the closed confines of sealed doors and sandbags. We had heard news of a new … Continue reading

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The Lighthouse Poole, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, the Heroes & Super Heroes…let the music play!

Have you been to a live music performance? Whether it’s Glastonbury or The Proms, Lady GaGa or Prince, there is something extra special in seeing it first hand, in the flesh, without ‘ducking’ or sound studio engineering (although I suspect some … Continue reading

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West Bay Storm – a poem

This gallery contains 4 photos.

The might of a hundred invisible hands pushing you, Their invisibility making them all the more threatening and dangerous; Not knowing quite which way they will push or pull, So best not stand too close to the edge Lest a … Continue reading

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