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When do you stop watering your Christmas tree? I lose the impetus from Boxing Day

I can remember one Christmas in particular from my childhood; I found a very large stuffed Humpty Dumpty in my pillow case (there were none of these giant sized embossed red velveteen sacks you get today) that I instantly adored; and an inflatable … Continue reading

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I was asked to write a poem for Christmas that was read during the Broadwindsor Church carol service

What are you dreaming of this Christmas? I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, with every Christmas card I write; Can there be a more well-known song that fills us with delight And ideas of the perfect Christmas we all want … Continue reading

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One good turn deserves another…just how well is your Karma stacking up?

Have you noticed how the unexpected happens when you least expect it? I had an unexpected wallet incident today. Now bear with me on this one…you have a spare £1 coin in your pocket so you buy a scratch card … Continue reading

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No place to hide

Reliving your childhood memories – many of us do it don’t we? Whether it’s learning how to ride a bike, swimming in a stream or at this time of the year (22 December), looking in your parents’ cupboards and wardrobes … Continue reading

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They think it’s all over, well it is now…. but does it have to be?

Is the crescendo to Christmas getting ever louder with each passing year or is it just that as we age from childhood to adulthood, like the latest Pop music, events that have an element of excitement become less tolerable and … Continue reading

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Charity Christmas cards; once the shame of the cheapskates…..

I can remember the shame of handing out my Christmas cards at school; the rather dirty grey thin ill-fitting envelopes that never sealed properly, that held within it a rather roughly cut, frayed edged home-made style of card. On being … Continue reading

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