Do you trust me? Well…


Given you have been beaten up countless times, nearly crashed a helicopter and had several car crashes, yet your face and body is completely unmarked by a single graze or nick (if you don’t include the needle sized holes where they drilled into your head), then yes, go ahead and jump into the abyss.

Yes, it’s the latest James Bond 007 film SPECTRE that premiered on Monday 26 October 2015; an odd day of the week to have a premiere but maybe the producers and directors thought about school half term when a late night for the children wouldn’t impact on their education, or maybe they knew their latest blockbuster gave them a licence to thrill whenever they saw fit, and with a running time of 2 ½ hours, I kept my fingers crossed that Sam Mendes had put in enough action to keep my sons’ boredom levels at bay!

And so it was that we, one husband, two sons and I, went along to the Regent Cinema in Lyme Regis; (which incidentally is one of the few remaining independent picture houses that gives you the full experience of a very large screen and plenty of seating as opposed to those intensive farming styled multiplex cinemas) with the ‘all sold out’ sign on the door, I was pleased with myself for buying our tickets in advance.

As with all Bond films, the opening scene is sinister, full of activity and intrigue, oh, and of course a beautiful woman who is left waiting.

Guns, explosions, collapsed buildings and a helicopter fight soon take us into 007’s world as the first part of his personal mission is completed.

I say ‘personal’ because it wasn’t sanctioned by M (but then how much of what Bond gets up to does he officially sanction?) and was the pre-death instruction of another.

So having added some deaths to the Day of the Dead in Mexico, Bond is on his own having been given gardening leave by the boss, but as we all know Daniel Craig isn’t one for tending his petunias and he soon gets the measure of the new incoming boss.

There are action shots galore, including the inevitable car chase with million pound cars being trashed, aeroplanes that continue to fly when half their under carriage is missing and automatic guns being fired with as much kick-back and effort you might put into a spud gun and of course the ubiquitous lovely ladies.

The storyline is relatively easy to follow, unlike Skyfall that was a big disappointment to me, and Sam has linked it nicely to our current day problem of global defence control being in the hands of the baddies.

The high-tech that Q conjures up is exactly what you would hope to see and Moneypenny is just the kind of PA every boss would like to employ. The metal mouthed Jaws has been ably replaced by another equally unpleasant character who has very strong thumbs (I couldn’t watch that bit!) and just to add a bit of old fashioned spice, we are introduced to the descendant of none other than Blofeld, and a rather fluffy white pussy cat.

My husband said there wasn’t enough tech for his taste; son number 1 is way too cool to comment but secretly liked the Aston Martin DB10 and son number two thinks there is far too much kissing!

So after a very stressful few days moving house last week and still surrounded by packing boxes, and despite my family’s protestations and reservations, I’m glad I bought the tickets and made the effort and if you haven’t bought yours yet, I would if I were you.

But then do you trust me?

About Sophia Moseley

Freelance Copywriter, Feature Writer and Author. Looking for that illusive job that every working mother craves but surviving, just, on what I can find. My writing and poetry keeps my sane. Watch this space.
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