I’m following a tree for Loose and Leafy @LucyCorrander #treefollowing Part 12

Time flies doesn’t it? It is all the more tangible when you realise you have reached a milestone in the life of a blog…well actually it’s a bit more of a milestone, it’s more a case of the end of a journey that has taken one year on Lucy’s #treefollowing blog; and I find it hard to believe that a whole year has passed since I wrote my first post that was full of excited anticipation of what might lie ahead for my son’s sapling (along with my son for that matter!)

I was concerned I wouldn’t have much to say in this post, other than the time flying bit, because until 12 days ago, we hadn’t had much of a winter and I bemoaned the damp dull days where aphids and other nasty apple sapling eating creatures manage to survive, and whilst Lucy tried to reassure me there was still time, I wasn’t convinced.

Until this happened…!feb tree snow

I was jubilant, as were my sons albeit for very different reasons; they whooped with delight at the thought of missing school whereas I celebrated the coming of a proper winter that, along with our other seasons, has been hurtled into turmoil due to climate change.

Now whether or not this cold weather is going to be but a blip on the seasonal cardiogram,  for the long dull line to return, I can’t be sure, but it is a very welcome sight.

But as the euphoria calmed, and my sons reluctantly went to school without so much as an icy patch to skid on, I suddenly questioned my open-armed welcome of winter and began to worry about the effects the cold snap might have on my sapling, after all, he has been somewhat protected from the harsh realities of life in the wild for some time.

However, after having seen my sons’ frozen fingers thaw, cheeks aglow and heard plans for snowmen, dogs, balls, etc I concluded it was probably a welcome break for my sapling, giving him a chance to test his mettle, get rid of the pests that are pestering him and make him all the more resilient for whatever lies ahead.

feb tree2

Now my sapling rises above the nail in his stake!


One year ago my sapling was new to Mother Earth and still finding his feet…roots

And with my photographic record from one year ago, I have the proof that he, along with my son, is growing taller; there is a nail in the stake that my sapling had not reached this time last year, and now it stretches triumphantly above it, and as for my son? I have several ‘hardly worn at all’ pairs of trousers that he grows out of with reliable and relentless monotony!

About Sophia Moseley

Freelance Copywriter, Feature Writer and Author. Looking for that illusive job that every working mother craves but surviving, just, on what I can find. My writing and poetry keeps my sane. Watch this space.
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6 Responses to I’m following a tree for Loose and Leafy @LucyCorrander #treefollowing Part 12

  1. coastcard says:

    We’ve had nothing really you would call lying snow. A friend north of the border saw a ladybird recently and I saw a furry moth caterpillar humping along at Sutton Hoo in a frosty landscape at Sutton Hoo on New Year’s Eve. What a strange winter we all seem to be having.

    • Hello Caroline! Aren’t we just, our climate is confusing Mother Nature terribly but I suppose we can but hope she will adjust and that the human race will sort itself out quickly and put the brakes on climate change before it’s too late.

  2. Lucy Corrander says:

    Seems pretty mild now – but at least we had a glimpse of snow. (Where I live it fluttered down prettily past lamposts in the night, lingered a little in the morning – then went.) Do you have a place on a post to mark your son’s height?

    • We’ve had a few days of below freezing thank goodness! The forecast for February suggests we are in for a month of coldness and whilst I love the cold bright blue days, I’m not so keen on the cloudy cold ones – chill me to the bone!
      I don’t have one of my son against the post, I really should have done shouldn’t I!!

  3. Isn’t it wonderful to have something resembling a normal winter. You wee sapling is coming along, what a good idea to use the nail as a point of reference. Clever!

    • Hello Angie, I do love a ‘proper’ winter and I’m sure Mother Nature is quite pleased to have a few days of freezing temperatures to sort all the bugs out!
      To be honest the nail marker was a spot of luck as it was there from the stake’s previous life…something to do with a fence panel I believe! But you’re right, it does make a useful gauge!

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