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Beta Testing with the Circus Geeks takes you on a journey of life’s hang-ups

I love to watch live performances; there is something thrilling about seeing it all in the flesh, I enjoy the drama and crisis that is an inevitable part of watching the ‘here and now’, the ‘cut and thrust’ of live acting rather than the … Continue reading

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Lent: traditionally a time to go without something you value, to make a sacrifice. But have we got it all wrong?

It was only when Jo Neary, the very lovely vicar who lives in Broadwindsor, Dorset, tweeted that she was going to forego Twitter for Lent that I was reminded about the whole sackcloth and ashes thing. I went into panic … Continue reading

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I’m following a tree for Loose and Leafy @LucyCorrander #treefollowing Part 12

Time flies doesn’t it? It is all the more tangible when you realise you have reached a milestone in the life of a blog…well actually it’s a bit more of a milestone, it’s more a case of the end of … Continue reading

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