I’m following a tree for Loose and Leafy @LucyCorrander #treefollowing Part 11

I’m not sure but I think my apple sapling is suffering from a national condition called premature election excess disease (ie he is ‘peed’ off).

Of course my little sapling knows nothing about the General Election, but he has a look about him that says he’s pretty fed up awaiting what is due and what his ancestors both expected and received; it happened for thousands of years, but suddenly, the seasons (not unlike the three political parties) have become less discernible and the extreme weather conditions (not unlike the financial crises) more likely.a tree

I am talking about winter, in case you hadn’t twigged. It just hasn’t happened has it? OK we had a couple of bright shiny mornings when Jack Frost paid a visit but it was so brief, he hardly had a chance to cool the seat!

So I wonder if my hunch of a freezing cold winter with snow and ice was just a bit off the mark and if we are going to see several soggy mild weeks interspersed with a few chilly days here and there, eventually moving unceremoniously into spring that is marked only by the blossom sometime in March/April.

By now I hoped to have photos of the icing sugar dusted garden, with those exquisite sparking diamonds of frost and a chance for my sapling to rid itself of bugs and other pestilence that have been bothering it for a while.

a tree shootBut instead, alongside the two fresh green leaves that emerged last month, is a tiny delicate green shoot. It is so immature and embryonic, I cannot see it surviving anything remotely damaging, such as my longed-for winter snow coating.

But there it is, peeking out to see what is going on in the big bad world and try as I might to persuade it to stay inside and await the proper timing when new buds and leaves are meant to sally forth, I know it will fall on deaf ears.

And not unlike the leaders of the three political parties, if only it would stay put until the a tree w leafproper time, perhaps it would be stronger and be able to show its true colours rather than putting its energy into this ill-thought-out and unseasonable surge, as if it has something worth saying, which everyone will miss because it’s not what people expect this early on.

So I think I may well join my juvenile apple sapling as I too become ‘peed’ off with the election campaigns that have emerged far too early, and the political parties that now mirror our soggy indistinguishable seasons.

At least my sapling will have something worthwhile to offer – he gets my vote!

green red apple see tree

About Sophia Moseley

Freelance Copywriter, Feature Writer and Author. Looking for that illusive job that every working mother craves but surviving, just, on what I can find. My writing and poetry keeps my sane. Watch this space.
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10 Responses to I’m following a tree for Loose and Leafy @LucyCorrander #treefollowing Part 11

  1. Erika says:

    Your winter seems to be even less of a winter than ours. We seem to get the on and off version of winter this year. One day it’s winter, the next day it’s not.

    • It does seem to be nationwide doesn’t it! Sadly due to climate change, so it is something we are going to have to get used to. But that being said, I am still holding out for some snow before Easter!

  2. furrygnome says:

    Good luck with your apple tree. We certainly have winter here!

  3. coastcard says:

    Happy new year, Sophia! We may not have seen (much) snow, but we’ve certainly had more frosty and icy weather than I remember last year. I hope your apple tree has a good year … happy Tree Following!


    • And a Happy New Year to you Caroline! I can only remember the never ending rain last year, so I think you must be right about having more frost this time round! Still holding out for some snow!

  4. Sara says:

    Hello Sophia and Happy New Year. I am a new visitor and a brand-new follower of a tree. Enjoyed your post here and I can say that even here in California we are suffering from premature election excess disease . . . I am so tired of hearing about it when the actual vote is almost two years away! However, it has not affected the trees as far as I have noticed. I look forward to seeing how your little sappling develops in the months ahead.

    • Hello Sara! How lovely to hear from you. I think the UK electorate will be so fed up by the time it comes to vote, we’ll vote for the neighbour’s dog if it means shutting up the politicians!! I remain hopeful of some cold weather, our forecast has suggested an icy night tonight, so fingers crossed!

  5. Lucy Corrander says:

    There’s time. There’s still time! Maybe we’ll yet have something cold. I hope so. Your apple tree might like aphids and their friends killed off by frost before it opens too much to summer.

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