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Somewhere over the rainbow…there’s a land that I dream of

Have you ever chased a rainbow? I’ve heard of storm chasers and tornado chasers but never rainbow chasers; I wonder why, I mean given the destructive powers and inevitable carnage storms and tornados cause, I think chasing a rainbow would be … Continue reading

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A rainy day; but it’s not the rain that bother me, it’s the wet drip…

It’s not the rain I dislike as it pitter-patters down Spraying the windows in its peppering sound; Dispersing its droplets one after the other, Dispersing the people now running for cover. And for every one drop there’s a million more … Continue reading

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It’s my dad’s birthday today. He may not be here anymore but I still say…

Happy Birthday dad, wherever you are, No matter the distance, no matter how far You may be away from me now that you’ve gone, But my love for you now is still just as strong. For whilst you’re not here and … Continue reading

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Gird your loins and make ready for battle, but be warned, blood may be drawn

The roadside or the parkland, the field or the wood, Your garden or your neighbour’s, both are just as good. They scramble over bushes, take footholds, reaching long; Their roots spread like a virus through the soil and just as strong. … Continue reading

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After potty training there’s toilet training but they still never learn…or maybe it’s a boy thing

Aim for the middle There’s many a time I wish I had girls; Pretty ribbons and dresses and long golden curls And knowing that each time I take my seat, There won’t be small puddles surrounding my feet. That I … Continue reading

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The Finch Foundry Devon is celebrating its 20th anniversary since it was rescued from delapidation by the National Trust in 1994

When we get our copy of the National Trust News & Events paper, I always know there will be something of interest to circle or asterix; and page 2 from the Spring 2014 edition has been pinned to my noticeboard for some … Continue reading

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I’m following a tree for Loose and Leafy @LucyCorrander #treefollowing part 6

My apple sapling is as much a part of my son’s history as the adorable little handmade boots and teddy mobile a very good friend from Denmark gave me. Apparently the boots are a Danish tradition and will bring good … Continue reading

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The Shanty Theatre Company presents The Story Giant at the Marine Theatre Lyme Regis

I last saw the Shanty Theatre Company perform The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, so I was hopeful The Story Giant would be a worthwhile performance. And in my continuing per pro pursuit to promote the art of live performance to my sons, … Continue reading

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On the day of the World War 1 centenary I looked at my young sons and just couldn’t imagine them going to war

For the Boys Who Went to War (and the childhood they left behind) For the boys who went to war Their childish dreams aglow Of fighting with their friends, So little did they know. So little had they lived To know what … Continue reading

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