One good turn deserves another…just how well is your Karma stacking up?

Have you noticed how the unexpected happens when you least expect it?

I had an unexpected wallet incident today.

lucky cat

Lucky cat

Now bear with me on this one…you have a spare £1 coin in your pocket so you buy a scratch card in the hope of turning your pound into several more. But as we all know, the law of probabilities is stacked against you and the likelihood is that the only people to benefit from your found pound are the shopkeeper, Camelot and eventually the ‘good causes’. But then you ‘expect’ not to win.

But I digress…let’s say you were rushing into the supermarket and there on the floor is a £5 just lying there, no one else has seen it and no one is looking, so what do you do? You pick it up of course and whilst I hope you don’t then splurge out on five scratch cards, you do think to yourself ‘that was a bit of luck’.

But it was completely unexpected; you were not looking for £5 and you were in a huge rush so it was the last thing on your mind; but there it was nonetheless.

Now who’s to say it’s not in recognition of some kind thing or good deed you did earlier, that you had done without thinking about. For instance helping someone who was lost or carrying a heavy bag for someone who was struggling to their car.

I suspect that if you are the sort of person who receives such unexpected gifts, then you are probably the sort of person who helps others without thinking about it.

Which is where my wallet incident comes in.

Every Penny Counts

I hared into Tesco Axminster this morning. I was on a mission and short of time having promised to deliver lunch to my starving sons at the River Dart Camping Park (which I must say is an extremely pleasant and well run site). So when I raced round the side of my car and slung the French stick and cookies in the back, I couldn’t help but notice a rather smart black wallet on the floor. It hadn’t been there when I arrived and judging by its condition, it hadn’t been there long.

There was no cash but all his credit cards, driving licence and a lottery ticket.

So I straight away went into my ‘must fix this now’ mode and having found the owner’s details from his driving licence, I tried the ‘men with moustaches’ on 118 118 (or is that ‘Maureen’?) but no luck; so I Googled his name, searched the usual social media sites, in short everything I could think of to contact the owner to let him know I had his wallet.

But to no avail and time was ticking.

Of course I could have handed it into Tesco but I figured by the time someone went through their procedures, I could have returned the wallet myself later that day.

The Call of the Wild

So I continued on my journey to the River Dart Park. However, I did contact the police so if they were contacted by the owner, then at least he would know his wallet was safe.

River dartThus, after a day at the River Dart, fatigued with the effort of mastering their extremely difficult tree-top obstacle course, I found myself driving to the address where I hoped I would find the wallet’s owner.

And indeed I did.

And indeed I was rewarded with a very happy man who was relieved to have his wallet returned in full, with nothing missing, including the lottery ticket. He was clearly very pleased.

And this was reward enough for me and I felt suitably heartened and happy to have done a good deed.

But then the unexpected happened.

He gave me a reward and it was a lot more than £5

It was far too much and I refused it, but he insisted and suggested I share it between my sons (we having had a doorstep chat about families/holidays/teenagers) so I reluctantly accepted it.

But I now have something I neither found or earned. It was unexpected I agree, but it’s not what I expect when I do a good deed. That’s not how it works.

So now I have something bigger than £5 that I’m not sure what to do with…maybe if I hear about a local man who has won the Camelot jackpot that only happened because someone returned his wallet, I will buy a bottle of my favourite and raise a glass to him and to all the good deeds I have yet to do and the £5 I have yet to find!


December 1 2014 I can now tell you I have found something to do with that £20 and  maybe the benefactor, having been given the boost he or she needs, will in turn do something to benefit someone else.

A Christmas wish that could come true…

If you are wondering to whom I gave that £20, it will pay for someone who has nowhere else to go on Christmas Day other than Crisis

About Sophia Moseley

Freelance Copywriter, Feature Writer and Author. Looking for that illusive job that every working mother craves but surviving, just, on what I can find. My writing and poetry keeps my sane. Watch this space.
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