Rain drops keep falling on my head…after another soggy day in May I’m beginning to wonder if the rain will ever stop.

rain on leaf

It’s not so much the weeping leaf

Or branches lowered in summer grief.

It’s not the puddles filling up

Making streams and drains erupt.

It’s not the tear stained window pane

Or soggy lawn and bogged terrain.

It’s not the grey that covers blue

Or hills submerged in misty hew.

N’or paths so dark in dampness shroud

N’or brollies jostling in the crowd.

It’s not the flowers weighted down

Or soggy train of wedding gown.

It’s none of that which upsets me

Though ask again in June – we’ll see!

rain drops on fence


About Sophia Moseley

Freelance Copywriter, Feature Writer and Author. Looking for that illusive job that every working mother craves but surviving, just, on what I can find. My writing and poetry keeps my sane. Watch this space.
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