I asked @Natures_Voice if they had heard any news about the migrating Swallows and Swifts. I was in for a suprise…

When I made a vague Twitter enquiry about our migratory friends arriving, heralding the start of our summer, I was intrigued to see there is something of a definite pattern emerging:

(I have left the Twitter names of the contributors so you can follow them if you want)

Numbers in Spanish hills near Malaga are definitely dropping. Keep a look out…

Swallows flying around garden of the Falcon pub at Hatton  Easter Monday Warwickshire


Swallows in. No swifts yet  Shropshire


 Swifts arrived in last week. They’re on their way! Swallows r also about too! Co.Antrim, NI


Swallows in spotted 21/04/2014  Lancashire


Swifts seen passing over yesterday @RSPB_OldMoor Barnsley


Swallows and some sand martins in  but no house martins or swifts yet West Yorks

Swallows in Tomnaverie Stone Circle. Aberdeenshire


Swallow which I tweeted yesterday from Gib point . No Swifts yet. Skegness


Swallows in East Lothian


Swallows at Claines in on 13th april – aprox 10 days early Worcester


Swallows here no swifts yet! Notts


Swifts preparing to nest near  this weekend. Lovely! Brecon



Swallows around for 3 or 4 weeks. Keeping an ear out for Swifts but none yet Norfolk


Swallows seen yesterday near  but no swifts Cambridge


Swallows around our estate in Gloucester.

 Swallows but no swifts so far Buckinghamshire


Swallows are in the Vale of Glamorgan


Swifts and swallows over Sandy Water Park in  last week so they’re here! Llanelli, S Wales

Swallows been around in small numbers for a couple of weeks. No swifts yet Lincolnshire


Swallows  in but not seen any swifts yet Essex



Swallows yesterday at Wilmington, East Sussex


Swallows / martins seen coming in over the Solent


Swallows. Also Sand Martins & House Martins Hampshire



Swallows in Wiltshire. More in Hants/Dorset. No swifts but house martins in Devizes


Swallows around #NetherStowey and the #Quantocks Somerset

And I am delighted to say I saw 2 swallows in Marshwood west Dorset yesterday!

So as you can see there is a concentration in from the Midlands to the north of England with less in the south.

Interesting and thank you all very much for your responses!


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