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I asked @Natures_Voice if they had heard any news about the migrating Swallows and Swifts. I was in for a suprise…

When I made a vague Twitter enquiry about our migratory friends arriving, heralding the start of our summer, I was intrigued to see there is something of a definite pattern emerging: (I have left the Twitter names of the contributors so … Continue reading

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Spider Art…a mathematical formula or random weaves? I love a spider’s web first thing.

How many minutes, how many hours do you take to weave Your sticky threads, a ladder stretched; you leave A ready trap to capture passing prey. I wonder if there is a ‘best time of the day’ When you are sure … Continue reading

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Beer…not the brew best served cold but the quiet cove on the Jurassic Coast

Beer. Not the brown liquid libation but the picturesque coastal village that nestles comfortably in the 95 mile stretch of the amazing Jurassic Coast. As with all the beaches along this prehistoric sweep of English coastline, it has so much … Continue reading

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I’m following a tree for Loose and Leafy @LucyCorrander – #treefollowing Part 2

Time flies doesn’t it and when you have milestones to mark the helter-skelter ride of life, the speed at which we are all travelling is scarily polarised. And so it is with @LucyCorrander #treefollowing blog that is updated on the 7th of … Continue reading

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St Michael the Archangel is looking down onto Lyme Regis

I am very easily side-tracked, it’s a personal failing I suspect rather than one that is peculiar to my industry! Having exhausted Google, I decided there was nothing better than some face-to-face or should that be face-to-museum-exhibit, to get the … Continue reading

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Castle Drogo: where modern battlements & fortifications became the hopes and aspirations of a 19th century business magnate

It’s not often I find myself in awe of scaffolding, but when it’s housing the deteriorating grandeur of a Lutyen designed castle, one cannot help but be taken aback by the scale of this gigantic project taken on by the National Trust. … Continue reading

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