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Having set my sights on helping someone on the Somerset Levels, I wasn’t going to let contamination or a grumpy son get in my way

Twitter is by far and away the best market place, shopping centre, coffee shop (albeit without the coffee) and place to go for all the latest news, advice, opinion and gossip…IMO And with this in mind, whilst enjoying my morning Twit-dip, … Continue reading

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To mark World Poetry Day & as it’s sunny, a poem in praise of the sun, that may not always shine but is definitely always there.

I do not come and go by choice, my destiny lies elsewhere I rise and set as Nature chose, with diligence and care. Some days my golden glow is dulled by cloudy skies but yet I always rise in the east … Continue reading

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A doctor’s appointment, waiting patiently & anonymously in the waiting room

You arrive, just two minutes late, but late nonetheless. Will they allow you your allotted time or have you missed your slot? Out of breath and red faced, perspiring perhaps just a little, “Can I help you?” they ask; my … Continue reading

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Black Widow Iris. Such a vicious, indeed deadly image is conjured up but do not judge it.

Long blade-like leaves, ribbon thin strips of grass green switches Of long gangling spider legs, bent at the joints under its own weight. The metatarsus, tibia and femur reach up, bend, the claws feeling the ground And rising in the centre, … Continue reading

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A Love Story I was asked to write that had a sad ending…for me at any rate

I was asked to write a poem, a very special poem, from a spurned husband to his wife. He wanted it to be in the form of a love story, describing their first meeting, their marriage, the wonderful life they … Continue reading

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I’m following a tree for Loose and Leafy @LucyCorrander

I thoroughly enjoy reading Lucy’s blog posts, always amusing and always informative, so when Lucy started her tree following project and asked if anyone else had a tree they wanted to follow, I immediately knew it was time to expose … Continue reading

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