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A dull Autumn day? Not at all…

You wouldn’t have known, looking out ‘cross the grass, The night time ice leaving frost as it passed, That the day would not brighten; though light it has been, The chill of the day, no warmth have we seen. But … Continue reading

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Even the Pearly Gates are not immune to the relentless privatisation offensive…

I’ve often wondered about a phone line to Heaven so that on those days when you are really missing someone¬†when it would be nice just to have a chat with your mum, dad, sister, brother….anyone really, how brilliant it would … Continue reading

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The traditional family Sunday: roast dinner, family walks….

Have you noticed that as you get older the memories of your childhood become rosier and cosier? The expression ‘through rose tinted glasses’ becomes less of a euphemism and more of a way of instilling into your children just how … Continue reading

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