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The Ancient Whisperings of Dorset’s Lewesdon Hill. Shhh….it’s a secret.

The ancients were a wily lot who knew a thing or two about the safest place to inhabit although I cannot help but think they were also better equipped to deal with the high winds that seem to be a permanent feature … Continue reading

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Was it The Red Carpet for me? Not this time round.

Is it human nature or the sociocultural mind-set we have nurtured that gives rise to our craving for approval from others to reassure our own distrust of personal performance? It was the wonderful world of Twitter that threw a lifeline … Continue reading

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‘First one in last one out’ or is it ‘last one in first one out’? Does the brain decide what has priority?

Can you remember your first words, thoughts, likes, dislikes? Of course you can’t because the chances are you were less then three years old and for most adults, childhood memories start from when you are around 7 years old. So … Continue reading

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Zombies, Aliens, Call of Duty; will the violence of online games become a reality?

Do you remember that 1970’s Public Information Film on the TV, the closing scene an adolescent boy just heading out of his front door and the narrator saying “Do you know where your lad is going tonight?” Well I’m beginning to … Continue reading

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Twitter: is it worth getting in a flap over & do you follow a follow or unfollow an unfollow?

Can you remember your first tweet? I wonder if it’s up there with your first kiss or your first date or has it been lost in the ever expanding ether-mass that makes up your everyday life? For better or worse, I … Continue reading

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New Year Resolutions: why keep them for the new year & how many have you achieved?

I wonder what it is about New Year Resolutions that make us feel so energised on that first fresh day of a new year? I mean it’s not like anything monumental has happened since the previous day; you are still … Continue reading

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