Three days into the family holiday:older brother not killed younger brother & crazy cat won’t budge

After the excitement of the arrival had died down and even though I asked the agent to do a bit of ‘essential’ grocery shopping to save the inevitable nightmare of a trip to the local supermarket, we set off in search of the nearest Supersol much to sons’ annoyance.

Our first night passed by without incident, we were all too exhausted to do anything more than fall into bed.

However, with less of a Dunkirk spirit and more of ‘when in Rome’, the next day we had a very late lunch followed by a siesta until around 4pm, but I was determined to do something, I wasn’t dragged around ‘interesting’ places as a child by my well intentioned parents for nothing – it’s my turn now!

So we headed to Nerja. A very mixed bag here, some older white washed buildings so typical of Spain, the usual tourist trinkety shops enticing you to part with your Euros and numerous restaurants of varying sizes and styles.

We investigated the beaches, but they were small coves packed to the gunnels with holiday makers of all nationalities. That was one off the revisit list then.

We found a very pleasant restaurant, the Antica Roma, and ate standard fayre on their terrace; OK, I admit it, I am a total coward when it comes to ordering the local delicacy, I just don’t have the constitution!

There was a wedding taking place at the Church of El Salvador and the wedding party looked glamorous and cheerfully dressed, the señoritas wafted Spanish fans in front of their perspiring faces.

It was a very pleasant evening.

Living as the Spaniards do, meant another late night, so another late start the following morning.

But the high temperatures (you begin to understand why you never see many people working outside) meant the pool was too good to miss and we all had great fun splashing around.

After another late lunch followed by a siesta meant we were ready to set off on another tourist trip, this time to the “picturesque” Frigiliana. I had high hopes of being awed by the narrow cobbled walkways, with margins of white washed houses so typical of the area and perhaps a museum to tell me all about the centuries old village.

However, the heat was taking its toll and we were flagging within just a few steps of leaving out perfectly air conditioned car and so decided to go on the little road train for a tour around the village.

Well we understood some of what our guide said (his English is still considerably better than my Spanish I might add) and we saw some fantastic scenery, but I felt sure we were missing the real Frigiliana.

After buying ice creams and cold drinks, we decided to head back to the villa.

I was pretty fed up and disappointed but we determined to return, perhaps later in the day, even the early evening, so we can see what lies beyond the main street.

So back at the villa, it was straight into the pool!

Oh, did I mention the cat? The “I’m the welcoming party” feline that miaowed in stereo and had teeth that Dracula would kill for. Pure black, gorgeous snake-like green eyes, skinny as a rake, full of fleas and clearly starving.

We were all pretty nervous of it to begin with, but so far it hasn’t chosen to sink its teeth into our ankles and it seems relatively harmless, but I won’t be putting my feet under the table without knowing where it is – I would imagine it thinks a stab at chewing a toe might be worth the risk.

I’m practicing with my ‘booting’ foot.

About Sophia Moseley

Freelance Copywriter, Feature Writer and Author. Looking for that illusive job that every working mother craves but surviving, just, on what I can find. My writing and poetry keeps my sane. Watch this space.
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