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Can we blame the church and other governing bodies for the demise of the great English story tellers?

As I sat in the warmth and comfort of my modern insulated home and looked across the valley opposite, I suddenly realised I couldn’t actually see the hillsĀ or the trees, because a heavy mist had surreptitiously crept in under cover … Continue reading

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The Royalists numbered in their hundreds but they were no match for the determined Lyme folk: the Siege of Lyme Regis 1644

When you close your eyes in Lyme Regis, the sound you will hear above all others is the screech of seagulls as they fly overhead scanning the area for tasty morsels. But cast yourself back 367 years and it won’t … Continue reading

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My memories of my grandfather are happy and enduring but will it be the same for my father?

I adored my grandfather, it helped being his favourite grandchild but all the same, my memories of him are happy ones and I often find myself smiling when I do something that has a link to the time I spent … Continue reading

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