Is free will or the notion of choice an illusion? I took a trip to a palm reader to see if I was heading the right way.

Is free will or the notion of choice an illusion? Is our future already mapped out and are we treading a path that was predetermined before our birth?

Astrology, astronomy, crystal ball or tarot cards, there are dozens of methods that claim they can tell you where your life is going. But is there any truth in them? Do you read your horoscope and then live your life accordingly or do you laugh at the predictions given be the likes of Jonathan Cainer?

Some believe in divine intervention where a higher spirit guides you, others take a more pro-active approach and intentionally change their physical surroundings; then there are those of us who believe destiny or kismet has a hand in our future and that whatever we do, it will make no difference to the outcome.

I’m more the latter which is why I decided, having written about the subject, to see what palmistry aka chiromency is all about.

I was running late for my appointment, so not a good start, but then perhaps my palm reader already knew this.

I went with an open mind on the subject but I have to admit a pre determined idea of what I might see: long dark hair, flowing kaftan, a wafting celestial body and incense sticks. I was half right, my mentor had long dark hair and there were candles everywhere albeit unlit.

Having sat down, we launched straight into the palm reading; no preamble and I was careful about what I said, not wishing to reveal too much about my life.

First of all she looked at the shape of my hand and the length of my fingers – palm reading is not just about the lines on your hand!

I apparently have an ‘Asian’ shaped hand that is also ‘water’ based although I do not have a true water shape because of my non pointed fingers. That makes me emotionally driven, seeking peace and harmony.

It would seem that if you have a long ‘little’ finger with a rounded tip you have artistic abilities. In my case, I have a desire to express myself with words and a natural curiosity to discover new and interesting facts.

Well as she already knew I was a writer, I let that one pass unnoticed!

She studied quite specific parts of my hand, such as the ‘loops’ on the top of my little finger and the ‘bends’ (the lines between the finger joints) along with the gaps between my ‘bends’.

Then there was my second finger that is long and bends slightly at the tip whereas my thumb is quite straight, long and rigid (at this point I recalled my piano teacher telling me I had good piano playing hands because of the span and length of my fingers. Given the struggle I went through to achieve my grades, I always doubted this theory!).

Then there was the all important life line; not as many people believe, an indicator of when you are going to pop your clogs, but the story of your life so far and what lies ahead. Seems I have a “writer’s fork” at the end of mine!

All my lines seemed to be good ones, nothing particularly unusual and certainly nothing scary.

So was I any the wiser?

Could palmistry be similar to the psychics’ shows on TV when they home in on a person’s personality and background, picking up every little scrap of information and ‘growing’ it into a prediction or link with that person’s past life?

Or is your future, like the shape and design of your hand, decided at your conception and can therefore be read and interpreted by the palmist?

So what did my hands say about me that wasn’t obvious and the palmist couldn’t have known?

I often need my own space either in or outside.

I enjoy engaging people but have no great urge for major socialising.

I stick to my own opinions rather than following the ‘party line’ aka stubbornness

I like to be my own person and put my own stamp on things

I must have the freedom to have my own beliefs and actions

I have to make myself take breaks if I’m concentrating on something

There is much I have yet to achieve

I’m still not quite sure which way I’m heading

But by the time I’m 60 I’ll have decided

There were a few things she got completely wrong, but I have to say, not many and there was quite a bit of repetitiveness.

But there were also things that were either obvious or easily discovered e.g. my artistic/writing interest and thirst for knowledge, or my lack of sleep (she knew I had sons and the bags under my eyes have been a prominent feature since having children!)

So am I convinced or not?

In truth I still can’t decide. Perhaps I’ll have to wait until I’m over 60 and then I’ll know for sure…or maybe not.

About Sophia Moseley

Freelance Copywriter, Feature Writer and Author. Looking for that illusive job that every working mother craves but surviving, just, on what I can find. My writing and poetry keeps my sane. Watch this space.
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