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For every parent who tells off their child but can’t stand the guilt of an upset son/daughter

For every parent who faces the constant struggle of teaching their child right from wrong; who faces the torture of seeing their child upset and/or crying after a ‘telling off’; this poem is written for that child to try and … Continue reading

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Is free will or the notion of choice an illusion? I took a trip to a palm reader to see if I was heading the right way.

Is free will or the notion of choice an illusion? Is our future already mapped out and are we treading a path that was predetermined before our birth? Astrology, astronomy, crystal ball or tarot cards, there are dozens of methods … Continue reading

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Montacute House, home to Lord Curzon & Elinor Glyn

As I walked through the kitchen area that was packed with various boxes and paraphernalia of a ‘closed for the winter’ National Trust property and was led up to the office area, I felt non-plussed as I made my way … Continue reading

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